'Fashion Cycle' is a textile-digital installation piece by Lena Chun and Joanne Jin, which involves digitally mapped projection screening onto a sculptural projection screen made of discarded clothing. The project was originally made for this year’s 2011 F.A.T (Fashion. Art.Toronto) Alternative Fashion Week under the theme, ‘Fashion Schematics’. The piece looks at the cycle of the clothing production while critiquing 'fast fashion' consumption that has grown rapidly within the last decade. Through this work, Jin and Chun are trying to bring awareness to the viewers that we must re-think about the way we consume our clothes and how we can be more sustainable with this act. For the people in the industry, they are trying to encourage them to find ways to improve the way clothes are currently manufactured. It is easy to get lured by the pretty patterns but is it sustainable? Is it ethical? What can we do to improve this industry? It starts off with the people; businesses cannot survive without the consumers.
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