Tyny Space is a personal project that I had a ton of fun working on. It's a collection of furniture designs I made specifically for small spaces.

After moving to London, I started designing furniture to maximise storage and get the most out of every square inch in our small flat.
My design process generally begins with a specific problem that we’re trying to solve: “How can we make use of the space under the sofa for storage?”; “How can we hide the bench when we’re not using it?”. These problem statements quickly develop into some really fun furniture designs, which I then either build myself or find a carpenter to produce.
Based on the problem I start drawing up ideas, then once the idea is firm enough I take the measurements and make a simple 3D model in SketchUp to simulate the design in virtual space.

Throughout many revisions and discussions (or arguments :)) with my husband, I make Illustrator drawings including everything from the measurements to the materials to clearly explain the design to the builder.

Over the past year or so I’ve designed everything from the bathroom through to the livingroom and kitchen, and realised I’ve built up a series furniture designs. I made names for each furniture design based on its concept and put them together to showcase my personal work online and share the fun stories behind making solutions for small spaces. I launched the website tyny.space in Feb this year.

The most recent project was a storage bed that I built myself (and filmed with a GoPro :)) due to the difficulty of finding the right carpenter in London against a tight deadline. I sourced all of the materials and bought my first electrical mitre saw. It took about one week to design and one week to make.
After getting lots of responses from friends and family on my furniture designs on the website and Instagram, I decided to make a video – you can see it at the top of this page. I created 3D furniture animations using Cinema 4D, and added GoPro footage of some of the construction work. After Effects and Premiere were used for compositing and editing.
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